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Our Mission

Clover Circle is an industry leader that puts community before opportunity and makes sure there is transparency in everything we do. We are dedicated to enhancing the fabric of life by empowering our clients to achieve more and supporting our local communities in every way we can. We value and support integrity, prosperity, growth, community, diversity and inclusion here at Clover Circle and promote those values in every community we serve with every interaction. Our innovative approach to the real estate experience is changing the way people approach the buying and selling of real estate. Clover Circle's unique system provides cutting edge tools that ensure that our sellers realize higher home sale profits in less time and our buyers reach their financial goals. As part of our commitment to using real estate as an instrument to affect change in our communities, a portion of each sale is donated to a charity. You choose the charity and the donation is made in your name. It is important that our company helps not only our clients achieve prosperity but our whole community.  Clover Circle’s Leadership Team has over a quarter billion dollars in sales, with over 20 years of building communities, behind this powerful new real estate concept.

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